Tor Relay, Bridge and Tor Exit Node hosting.

IncogNET allows Tor on our network, however we have some reasonable guidelines set.

IncogNET proudly supports Tor and believes it plays a vital role in online privacy and anonymity. As such, we allow and encourage our customers to operate Tor relays, bridges, guard and exit nodes. However, to protect our network from abuse and to maintain a high level of quality of service for all, we do ask that those running Tor Exits utilize a strict exit policy, similar to that shown in the example below.

Tor Exit Hosting in Netherlands

Tor Exit Hosting Guidelines

We will allow Tor Exits on our network as long as the operator (you) follow our guidelines to help reduce the chance of abusive behavior stemming from our network. We support Tor because we support privacy, however our desire to maintain a clean and reliable network outweighs our desire to allow end-users to run unrestricted Tor Exit nodes. We have some reasonable guidelines put in place that allow you to offer quality network resources to the Tor network while also respecting our desire to have a happy network free of abuse.

By running a Tor Exit you agree that you will do the following:

  • You disallow common mail ports and use an exit policy similar to what is shown below. [Learn More]

Example of a strict Tor Exit Policy

The below contains just one example of a strict exit policy that we would accept on our network. For more examples, visit Your exit policy should allow access to common ports for web browsing and non-email communication, but not be so open that it allows for abuse from bad actors. Email ports must be blocked to prevent spam.

ExitPolicy accept *:20-21   # FTP
ExitPolicy accept *:43     # WHOIS
ExitPolicy accept *:53     # DNS
ExitPolicy accept *:80-81   # HTTP, HTTP alt.
ExitPolicy accept *:443   # HTTPS
ExitPolicy accept *:5222-5223   # XMPP, XMPP over 
ExitPolicy accept *:6667-7000  # IRC
ExitPolicy accept *:8008   # HTTP alternate
ExitPolicy accept *:8082   # HTTPS Electrum Bitcoin port
ExitPolicy accept *:8332-8333   # Bitcoin
ExitPolicy accept *:8888   # HTTP Proxies, NewsEDGE, HUSH coin
ExitPolicy accept *:9418   # git - Git pack transfer service
ExitPolicy accept *:50002   # Electrum Bitcoin SSL
ExitPolicy accept *:64738   # Mumble - voice over IP
ExitPolicy accept *:18080-18081   # Monero
ExitPolicy reject *:*

The Tor network is great, but what about I2P?

We love Tor, but currently their network capacity greatly exceeds the demand. While they have an abundance of resources available, there is another anonymity network that we love that could greatly benefit from some additional network resources. I2P (Invisible Internet Project) is over 20 years old with a large but often overlooked network. Click here to view our guides on running a high performance I2P network router or view the I2P Network Official Site.