Acceptable Usage Policy and Terms of Service

Don’t confuse pro privacy, pro anonymity, pro free-speech with us offering a “free for all”.

We have some very basic and easy to understand rules that constitute acceptable use of our services and an easy to understand Terms Of Service.

The first section covers our Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP), which states acceptable use of our services and highlights prohibited activities, content, etc. This is strictly enforced so that we may continue to maintain a high level of quality for our network and services. That is then followed by our Terms Of Service. Are you looking for our Privacy Policy? That can be found on its own page here.

By using our service you accept and agree to the following policies. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Last Updated: 10/25/2021 - Added information related to DMCA and Free Speech, update to the resource abuse section to more plainly define service specific CPU limitations, updated payment methods section to include Stripe / SEPA, fixed some spelling mistakes, expanded some definitions.

Acceptable Use Policy: Prohibited Use

The below items demonstrate what we determine to be prohibited use of our network, services and provided resources.

Resource Abuse:

This is defined as any activity, intentional or otherwise, that consumes an abundance of system resources that negatively impacts of the quality of the service for other customers.

We understand that increases in resource consumption (CPU, memory, disk IO, etc) will occur occasionally and that is okay. We take special care in balancing resources so that ample additional resources are available to accommodate normal spikes in service usage which may be caused by things like automated backups, compiling code, increase traffic to your site, etc. All of these items may cause your webhosting account or VPS to use more resources than normal, for a short period of time and we anticipate that these spikes in use will occur.

This clause is for the prolonged, extended consumption of resources that has a negative impact on other customers. If we determine that a customer may be unfairly abusing resources we will reach out to them for a resolution, or in severe cases, may temporarily suspend service until we are able to reach them.

CPU Consumption (Shared Hosting)

The number of CPU cores or CPU % advertised with our shared hosting plans are simply the maximum limit that your individual account may utilize to accommodate your website during peak usage. Just like with any other web hosting provider, your allocated CPU resources available to your account are unable to be used fully 100% of the time. These are shared resources among many customers and this is a industry standard practice to provide services at an affordable cost.

A shared hosting service is not appropriate for websites and projects that require full or dedicated CPU cores. For that, you should seek a Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) with dedicated, unshared cores or a dedicated server.

Any Shared Hosting account that utilizes more than 25% of it’s allocated CPU power for more than 1 hour is prohibited.

CPU Consumption (VPS Hosting)

Unless otherwise specified, all of our KVM VPS plans include shared CPU cores. All of our customers are free to utilize 100% of their allocated CPU for short periods of time which will allow you to run backups, compile code, run benchmarks, etc.

Average CPU use for a VPS customer should settle around 30%. Using more than 30% of your allocated CPU for a period longer than 1 hour is prohibited.

If you require dedicated CPU cores that you can utilize fully 100% of the time, please contact us for special pricing on custom plans.

Unsolicited Communication / SPAM:

Spamming is the use of messaging systems to send an unsolicited message (spam) to large numbers of recipients for the purpose of commercial advertising, for the purpose of non-commercial proselytizing, or for any prohibited purpose (especially the fraudulent purpose of phishing). Bulk mailing of recipients who have opted-in, with a clear path to opt-out, is okay. Contact us for details.

The use of our services for spamming is strictly prohibited. Any customer discovered to be sending spam, intentional or otherwise, will have their service suspended without notice until we are able to reach you for a solution. If discovered that the spamming is intentional, your service may have common mail ports blocked or your service may be terminated as a last resort. We do not tolerate spam as it ruins our network reputation.

Malicious Content:

This will be defined as any script, code, or file that performs a harmful action, either to the user(s) affected or as a bulk action triggered by the user. This, for the sake of ease, will be any content, code, network activity or script that would violate the laws of the United States. This includes but is not limited to phishing sites, participating in DDoS or other network related attacks, using our services to attempt to gain unlawful access of networks, devices, or systems, etc.

Any account found to purposely be participating in the above actions will be suspended without notice, until we are able to reach you to determine if this was unintentional or intentional actions from your account.

Content Depicting Minors Sexually:

Hosting, sharing or making available any images, video, or other media that depicts minors sexually (nude or non-nude) is strictly forbidden. Any account found to be in violation of this will be immediately suspended or potentially terminated if determined that the sole purpose of the site / service is to distribute such content. If this is discovered to be unintentional, we will advise you to remove the content immediately with a window of opportunity provided to do this while letting us know what actions you are taking to prevent this from occurring again in the future. If it’s found or thought to be intentional, your service will be terminated and your data removed from our servers. We will not be put in a position where we are held liable for that type of content, and have no obligation to supply you with a backup of your data if in violation of the above.

Legal adult content is fine, however, if faced with a situation where the legality is questionable, we will err on the side of caution and advise that it be removed.

Illegal Marketplaces:

We will not allow our services to be used to host online marketplaces that deal in illegal goods and/or services. An illegal marketplace will be defined as any website allowing users and/or vendors to sign up to advertise and to purchase the sell of goods and services that would be determined to be illegal in practically every country on earth. (Drugs, weapons, fake IDs, stolen credit card information, etc) If the items available for sale are illegal in any of the countries we operate in (United States, Netherlands or Finland) and are only available for sale through 'the dark net' then we will consider it an 'illegal marketplace'.

Crypto Mining:

Crypto Mining is strictly prohibited from our network as it puts an unnecessary strain on shared server resources.

Acceptable Use Policy: Things we're cool with

Our prohibited use policies above are pretty standard within the web hosting industry. But we allow and support some things that other providers may not, and they're shown below.

Tor Relays:

We allow Tor relays but request that all Tor Exits enforce a strict exit policy that blocks all common mail ports, SSH, and more. An example of an acceptable exit policy can be found here. Any Tor Exit failing to use an acceptable exit policy may be suspended as a means from us preventing abuse stemming from our network.

Other anonymity network projects:

We allow I2P Routers, Yggdrasil Peers, VPN (OpenVPN, WireGuard, etc), Proxy Services, etc, etc. It is your responsibility to block access to commonly abused open ports such as those used for email, SSH, FTP, and communication if running any publicly accessible anonymity service.


Yeah, we're cool with IRC, XMPP, etc. That's fine.


If you have content that requires DMCA ignored hosting, please use our Netherlands location. We have to enforce DMCA requests in our other locations.

Free Speech:

You can read our full view on free speech here. In short: We fully support freedom of speech and expression and only request that your speech / content to be legal in the country that is hosting it. (Finland, Netherlands or the United States).

Terms Of Service

By using our service(s), you agree to the below terms. We believe that these terms are more than reasonable and hope that you find them reasonable, too.

Use of our Services

  • Content hosted on our network should abide by both our Acceptable Usage Policy as well as the laws of your home country.

  • You are responsible for the content that is available under your account with us. If hosting a website that allows users to share or distribute text, images, media or other files, it is your responsibility to moderate the content so that your account does not violate these or other terms.

  • We reserve the right to cancel or suspend your service for any reason and without prior notice. If we suspend a service due to policy violations we will attempt with our best effort to reach you at your preferred point of contact to resolve the issue. If we are unable to reach you or you fail to respond within a ‘reasonable’ amount of time (5+ days) we have the right to cancel and terminate your account.

  • You are responsible for backing up your own data. While we do maintain a level of storage redundancy, we do not offer offsite backups at this time and do not archive your web hosting content off-site or elsewhere.

Conditions Of Use

  • You agree to abide by our Acceptable Usage Policy and understand that accidentally or purposefully violating our AUP may result in account suspension or termination without compensation depending on severity.

Account Registration

  • We do not verify the legitimacy of the details you supply when signing up when paying with crypto.

  • Clients should provide a legitimate point-of-contact (Email preferred) so that we may contact you as needed for invoicing and service related needs. It is your responsibility to make sure your point of contact is reliable. Any account with an overdue balance (see billing info below) can/will be suspended and may be terminated for non-payment. We will also terminate any account after a long period of non-reachability when suspended for AUP violations.

Billing / Invoices / Payments

  • We prefer that you pay for your services with cryptocurrencies, though you are free to pay via traditional methods as well. Please contact us if you have any questions. We accept crypto payments from our payment gateway as well as direct payments (contact us first).


  • Traditional Payments we accept: PayPal (balance or card), Credit / Debit card via Stripe, SEPA Payments via Stripe.

  • We will send you an invoice for your service renewal 10 days before its renewal date.

  • Accounts with ‘auto-debit’ enabled will be attempt to be charged on the service renewal date.

  • Any account more than 5 days overdue will be suspended for non-payment. (Please contact us if you need more time. We’re human and we understand that you may be late on payment.)

  • Any account more than 15 days overdue will simply be terminated. This includes removal of your data (including backup data). After deletion it will not be possible to recover any of this data.

  • Accounts suspended or terminated due to policy violations will not be considered eligible for refunds. Cancellation of services by the customer will result in a pro-rated refund for the unused service time within 30 days of cancellation.

Service Processing

  • After payment for service has been received, your order will be processed automatically in most cases and you will be supplied with the information needed to start accessing your service from your supplied point of contact immediately.

  • Orders that remain unpaid for more than 24 hours may be deleted in which case you will need to re-initiate the order process to continue with an order after that time.

  • Service downgrades will result in pro-rated refund for the difference in cost to be applied as service credit. Service upgrades may be delayed depending on available resources / capacity / stock of the service in question. Any previous outstanding invoice must be paid in full before service upgrades/downgrades can take place.

Generated Domain Key Files

  • The files associated with your I2P and Tor .onion domain names on shared hosting services are stored outside of your user directory to prevent accidental deletion and/or modification which would render your domain(s) inoperable.

  • The domain key file(s) that we generate for your Tor Onion and I2P hosting will be given to you upon request.

  • Canceled or terminated accounts will have their domain key(s) removed from our servers as a privacy measure. If you will need these keys to host your site(s) elsewhere, please make the request for them before cancellation, suspension for non-payment, etc.

VPN Specific

  • Our VPN service should be used for legal purposes only and should not be considered a replacement for anonymity networks such as Tor.

  • “No Log VPN” and “No logging” means that we do not maintain any sort of access logs that would determine which VPN user account or non-VPN IP accessed any particular website or service.

  • VPN services come with unmetered, fair use bandwidth. Although we balance the number of users per connection port with leeway for spikes in usage, there may be times where more than the usual amount of users on the same shared port are engaging in high bandwidth activities that may temporarily reduce speeds.

  • Ad, tracker, malware, and other blocking is done at the DNS level. We operate our own DNS servers that each VPN location uses by default to achieve this. Blocking of known domains and URLs for the purpose of this service is done based on our published blocklists that can be viewed here, and our blocking is considered, ‘best effort’ with no guarantee. We update and modify our blocklists as needed based on customer reports (Ex: reporting to us something is not blocked that should be, or reporting that something is blocked that shouldn’t be) as well as monitoring updates to public blocklists to provide the best blocking that we can.

Business Hours

We are unofficially available 24/7, meaning that we are a small team on various sleep schedules with the ability to respond to most questions/concerns within 8-12 hours, often times much faster. We do not offer any response time guarantee currently.