Naaldwijk, Netherlands

Introducing our new flagship location!

This new location will serve as one of our flagship operations, a place where we can confidently offer all of our products and services from. We chose this locations due to it’s excellent routing and connectivity to the rest of Europe, the United States and the modern world as well as it’s for it’s data privacy laws. Located within the Worldstream Datacenter in Naaldwijk, just 45 miles (72km) from Amsterdam.

Netherlands Web Hosting

Helsinki, Finland

What the Helsinki?

Our Helsinki, Finland location is a limited service, limited stock location. From here we only offer our KVM Virtual Servers and a VPN location from our tiny fleet of servers located within the Hetzner Datacenter. We chose Finland for it’s unique location and it’s digital privacy laws as well as it’s enterprise quality datacenter which is sometimes hard to find in unique places. Due to high costs this location may often be unavailable for new service orders.

Finland Web Hosting

Texas, United States

Howdy y'all, giddy on up to a quality network.

When you need excellent network connectivity to a North American audience and pretty good freedom of expression laws, Texas has you covered. We are still researching and making plans for a Texas based location, and we have chosen Texas for it’s central location in America, it’s excellent network hubs to major carriers and it’s geographical location that makes it less likely to be impacted by natural disasters.

Texas Web Hosting