The IncogNET Network

We operate as AS210630 in 8 great locations.

IncogNET gives you the features, tools, and reliability that you need to establish your online presence at a cost that won’t break the bank. Our recipe for rock-solid service starts off with quality datacenter and upstream service selections. Our network currently spans 8 global locations, 6 within the United States and 2 within Europe. We choose our upstreams based on their reputation for quality, their support for our mission and their ability to accommodate some of our unique needs. You may review our service locations below.

United States

Liberty Lake, Washington

Just outside of Spokane sits Liberty Lake, a small city situated near the border of Idaho and surrounded by the beautiful nature that is common in the north west. This location hosts all available IncogNET services and boasts excellent connectivity to the Pacific North West and Canada as well as to Japan.

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Kansas City, Missouri

With its central location to the US and the amazing IX options made available to us, KC stands out of the crowd. From here, we'll have enhanced DDoS mitigation capability making this location ideal for free speech enthusiasts who need an ISP to help protect their 1st Ammendment rights.

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Allentown, Pennsylvania

Allentown is a great location for east coast connectivity. Within 250 miles you have major cities such as Philidelphia, Newark, NYC, Baltimore, Washington DC, Pittsburgh, Buffalo and Richmond. Our Allentown location is perfect for serving these nearby cities and for secure off-site storage.

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Miami, Florida

A beautiful city located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Fast cars, palm trees, and relaxing on the beach come to mind. This location serves as one of our no-logging VPN POPs and offers great connectivity to the American South as well as to the Caribbean and South America.

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Las Vegas, Nevada

Good ol' Las Vegas. As the saying goes, "What Happens In Vegas, Stays In Vegas", and that holds true with our use of Las Vegas as one of our no-logging VPN locations. Las Vegas is good for more than just adult fun and gambling, it's also the perfect hub for connectivity to the American South West.

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New York, New York

Ayye, I'm tryin' to browse the internet here. Stereotypes of common New Yorker dialect aside, this is home to one of our no-logging VPN POPs. Logging of requests and traffic? Fah'get bout it! This location serves the North East United States very well with great connectivity to Europe also.

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Naaldwijk, Netherlands

Just a short drive from Amsterdam, Naaldwijk is our original flagship location. We chose it for it's data privacy laws as well as its connectivity to the UK, France, Germany and a general European audience. Certainly a great location for most!

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Roost, Bissen, Luxembourg

Can you locate Luxembourg on a map? Luxembourg is a very tiny country in Europe that borders Germany, Belgium, and France. Known for it's strong privacy laws, Luxembourg is the ideal location for us to serve as one of our no-logging VPN POPs.

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