Privacy By Design

We believe that privacy and freedom of expression are two very important things, so we offer solutions to accessing and publishing content safely.

We have a wide range of affordable service plans available in the United States and the Netherlands to accommodate your web hosting needs. Our goal as a business is to go beyond providing quality service, we also want to help normalize privacy in the modern digital age and support freedom of expression.

Massive network upgrade as well as a Zurich, Switzerland location available mid 2022!

Privacy Webhosting

A web host that protects your privacy.

"We can not share what we do not know." is more than just our unofficial motto.

You don’t need to be a journalist or an activist to benefit from a service that values your privacy. We believe privacy is a fundamental human right and that seeking privacy is completely normal.

Here is how we protect your privacy:

  • We require no personal identifying information to create an account.
  • Services can be paid for with various cryptocurrencies, but we also accept PayPal and Card (via Stripe) for those who prefer that.
  • Our website uses no 3rd party elements like external fonts, CDNs, or javascript. This keeps your browsing requests with us.
  • We utilize full disk encryption where needed for sensitive information, such as our customer support / billing portal.
  • We offer PGP encrypted webmail by default on all shared hosting services and encourage users learn how to use it.
  • All services are offered in privacy friendly locations or locations that have strong freedom of speech laws.
  • We allow you to contribute your allocated resources to networks like Tor and I2P by hosting relays and routers.
  • Shared web hosting customers can opt-in to have their clearnet website mirrored to the I2P and Tor networks. [ Learn More ]
  • We sponsor several privacy projects and donate either resources or money to projects like I2P and Tor.

Our Privacy Based Hosting Solutions

CloudLinux Shared Hosting VPS quality hosting with easy-to-use, ready-to-go tools courtesy of CloudLinuxOS and DirectAdmin. Non-oversold resources and user isolation make for a shared hosting service that is heavy on performance.

All plans include:

  • Powered by CloudLinuxOS
  • Non-Oversold Resources
  • Fast NVMe or SSD Storage
  • Free Opt-In for anonymity network publishing. [beta]
  • PGP Encrypted Webmail
  • DirectAdmin Control Panel
  • Daily Offsite / Remote Backups
  • Softaculous Software Installer
  • Let's Encrypt SSL Certificates
  • NodeJS, Python, PHP Selector
  • DDOS Protection

Service Available In:
  • Naaldwijk, Netherlands
  • Dallas, Texas, USA
* Learn More about our I2P and Tor Network website mirroring and determine if it's right for you.
KVM Virtual Private Servers This is the perfect solution for those who need the most performance and privacy. With fast, non-oversold resources to power your project, you'll have the stability to watch your project grow. We have plans of all sizes and can offer custom solutions for those who need them.

All plans include:

  • AMD Ryzen 3.3 - 3.8Ghz CPUs
  • KVM Virtualization
  • 1 IPv4 (More Available)
  • IPv6 /64 subnet*
  • Full Root Access
  • Fast NVMe storage
  • Free VPS Snapshot
  • 1Gbps Network Connectivity
  • Virtualizor Control Panel
  • Multiple OS Options or BYO-.ISO [ View OS Choices ]
  • Basic Support
  • DDOS Protection

Service Available In:
  • Naaldwijk, Netherlands
  • Helsinki, Finland
  • Dallas, Texas, USA [Soon]
*IPV6 currently unavailable in Finland.
Ad-Blocking VPN Your typical VPN service helps protect your online identity by routing your internet traffic through a remote network to stand between you and the websites and services you connect to. We do that too, but we also take it a step further by blocking known advertisements, malware, trackers, and malicious scam sites. We want to block "BS", not content. It works on desktop and mobile devices. The service is being revamped with new features for 2022.

All plans include:

  • No Logs or data collection.
  • No Data Caps or Throttling
  • View Tor & I2P Network Sites
  • Resolve Handshake Domains
  • Blocks Ads, Trackers, & "BS"
  • OpenVPN & WireGuard

Service Available In:
  • Naaldwijk, Netherlands
  • Roost, Luxembourg
  • Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Helsinki, Finland
  • Dallas, Las Vegas, Miami, New York
  • More Locations Planned!