Your privacy friendly ISP

We believe that privacy and free speech are two essential values that are worth safeguarding.

You do not need to be a journalist or activist to benefit from a service that protects your privacy. In the modern age of data leaks and the constant tracking and surveillance from big tech and big government, seeking privacy online is a completely normal thing to do and something we consider a basic human right.

We started offering our services in 2020 and although we are still very much a small business, we are proud to be the service provider of many satisfied customers.

Our Privacy Based Solutions

Shared Web Hosting

United States and European server locations with non-oversold resources and user isolation courtesy of CloudLinux make for a shared hosting service that is heavy on performance.

  • DirectAdmin and CloudLinuxOS
  • Daily Offsite / Remote Backups
  • Softaculous Software Installer
  • Free SSL (ZeroSSL / LetsEncrypt)
  • NodeJS, Python, PHP Selector
Virtual Private Servers

A great solution for those who need more performance and service flexibility. With fast, non-oversold resources to power your project, you'll have the stability to watch your project grow.

  • Powered by AMD Epyc CPUs
  • Fast 5Gbps Connecitivty
  • Dual Stack Network (IPv4 / IPv6)
  • Free Offsite VPS Snapshots
  • DDoS Protection Included

Dedicated Servers

Now available in both the United States and in the Netherlands. Options for all budgets and specification requirements, with great network connectivity and DDoS Protection to ensure you can reach your audience.

  • Remote Server Control Panel
  • Dual Stack Network (IPv4 / IPv6)
  • Most deployments in <24hrs
  • DDoS Protection Comes Standard
  • Quality Network Connectivity

WireGuard VPN

New for 2023! Say goodbye to ads and telemetry tracking with our "BS" blocking WireGuard based VPN service. Available in six great locations with speeds up to 2.5Gbps available!

  • Add / Remove Devices Easily
  • Optional Private VLAN
  • Optional Port Forwarding
  • Blocks Ads, Trackers, and "BS"
  • No Logging, No Tracking
Free Speech Hosting

Available in three different USA locations. We provide the services required to help keep your content online and available to your audience. We help you resist censorship by protecting freedom of speech.

  • DDoS Protection In All Locations
  • Variety Of Hosting Solutions
  • Custom Solutions Available
  • Resistance To Non-LE Complaints
  • Protected By The 1st Amendment
Anonymous Domain Registration

Register your next domain name privately, with IncogNET. With hundreds of supported TLDs available at reasonable pricing, you can't go wrong! Now with free, limited web and DNS hosting!

  • 100% Private - No PII Required
  • Buy domains with crypto!
  • Free DNS Hosting Available
.biz .chat .club .com .co .cx .dev .email .fail .fm .io .me .mx .net .network .news .org .pw .rip .sbs .sh .space .tube .tv .vg .video .win .ws .xxx .xyz & more…
Here is how we protect your privacy
  • We require no personal identifying information to create an account and to receive service, and you may order when behind a VPN or Tor.
  • Services can be paid for with various cryptocurrencies, but we also accept PayPal for those who prefer that.
  • Speaking of crypto, we process all payments in house with no 3rd party exchange required for BTC, XMR, LTC, Dash and Doge payments.
  • Our website uses no 3rd party elements like external fonts, CDNs, or javascript. This keeps your browsing requests with us.
  • We utilize full disk encryption where needed for sensitive information, such as our customer support / billing portal.
  • We allow you to contribute your allocated resources to share with and help networks like Tor and I2P by hosting relays and routers.
  • We sponsor several privacy projects and donate either resources or money to projects like I2P and Tor or to organizations like the EFF.

Have a question or concern?

Feel free to contact us; we're pretty laid back and easy to talk to. If you have a question about our hosting services or want to know more before placing an order, just drop us a line and we'll be happy to get back to you! We're available at all odd hours of the day and night, so you'll likely get a response pretty quickly.