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No hidden terms. No gimmicks. No BS.

What makes IncogNET the right choice for you and your websites? For starters, we offer feature packed, no-nonsense plans with the ample resources and performance needed to power modern websites. Each plan is allocated a generous amount of vital system resources, protected by CloudLinuxOS and on premium networks to ensure that your content is available to the visitors who seek it. Enjoy the freedom of speech of our Dallas, Texas location or the great European connectivity of our Netherlands location. Just take a look at the great features below.

Anonymous/Private VPS hosting

Big Features, Small Price

IncogNET gives you the features, tools and reliability that you need to establish your online presence at a cost that won’t break the bank. Our recipe for a rock-solid service starts off with quality datacenter and upstream service selections. Both our Netherlands and our Dallas, Texas based service locations are served from datacenters known for great network connectivity and reliable infrastructure.

From there, we have CloudLinuxOS Pro installed on top of quality hardware. Modern, powerful CPUs packed full of ultra fast cores and crazy fast NVMe or SSD storage that allows even active websites to perform snappily. We use CloudLinuxOS Pro to isolate your account so that the resources that you pay for remain yours and can’t be shared by anyone else. This improves the overall stability of your service.

We utilize the easy to use DirectAdmin control panel on top of that. From your control panel, you can manage your MySQL Databases, access a file manager, create / install SSL Certificates, manage your DNS, email and so much more.

Worried about your data? We now offer secure, automated, encrypted daily backups to an offsite, remote location with the option for you to generate and restore backups as needed right from your control panel!

All of our CloudLinux plans include the following:
  • CloudLinuxOS Pro w/ CageFS ( learn more )
  • Non-Oversold Resources (Use what is yours!)
  • DDoS Protection (Stay Uncensored!)
  • Fast NVMe or SSD Storage (Great For Wordpress!)
  • Encrypted, Offsite Automatic Backups (Peace Of Mind!)
  • Generate / Restore Your Own Backups (Eliminate "woops"!)
  • Apache+Nginx Webserver Stack (It's fast!)
  • PHP Caching by Mod_Lsapi (learn more)
  • Free Lets Encrypt SSLs (Automatically renews, easy to use!)
  • PGP Encrypted Webmail Option (Use email securely!)
  • NodeJS, Python and PHP Selector (Choose what you need!)
  • Automated Script Installer (Instantly install over 300 scripts!)
  • Tor and I2P Opt-In Mirroring (beta | learn more)
  • Free Speech Supported (learn more)
  • Basic Helpdesk Support (We'll help you keep the lights on!)

CloudLinux Starter

This is a perfect plan for a smaller site or project. Don't over-estimate your needs, this little plan packs a punch.

Resource Allocation & Details
  • Storage: 2GB
  • Bandwidth: 1 TB/mo @ 1Gbps
  • Host 3 domains
  • 5 email addresses
  • 5 sub-domains
  • 5 MySQL Database
  • 5 FTP Accounts

  • Max CPU Speed: 100% (1 core)
  • Memory Limit: 768Mb (0.75GB)
  • IO throughput: 100Mb/s
  • IOPS (Operations Per Sec): 2048
  • EP (Entry Processes): 75
  • NPROC Limit: 100

Normally $40.00/year
Now $30.00 / year (Monthly plan unavailable)

Pay By PayPal or Card:
Pay By Crypto:

CloudLinux Standard

If your needs are too big for the Starter Plan, but not quite big enough to need the Professional Plan, you’ll find this plan just right.

Resource Allocation & Details
  • Storage: 5GB
  • Bandwidth: 5 TB/mo @ 1Gbps
  • Host 5 domains
  • 10 email addresses
  • 10 sub-domains
  • 10 MySQL Database
  • 10 FTP Accounts

  • Max CPU Speed: 150% (1.5 core)
  • Memory Limit: 1024Mb (1GB)
  • IO throughput: 150Mb/s
  • IOPS (Operations Per Sec): 3072
  • EP (Entry Processes): 125
  • NPROC Limit: 150

Normally $6.00/month
Now $5.00 / month (Or $50.00 for 1 year)

Pay By PayPal or Card:
Pay By Crypto:

CloudLinux Professional

A hefty plan for hefty needs. VPS level performance to power multiple sites or to serve many visitors. Perfect for Wordpress

Resource Allocation & Details
  • Storage: 15GB
  • Bandwidth: 10 TB/mo @ 1Gbps
  • No domain limit
  • No email account limt
  • No sub-domain limit
  • No MySQL Database limit
  • No FTP Account limit

  • Max CPU Speed: 200% (2 cores)
  • Memory Limit: 1536Mb (1.5GB)
  • IO throughput: 200Mb/s
  • IOPS (Operations Per Sec): 4096
  • EP (Entry Processes): 175
  • NPROC Limit: 200

Normally $8.00/month
Now $7.00 / month (Or $70.00 for 1 year)

Pay By PayPal or Card:
Pay By Crypto:
  • What do all the technical limits shown above mean? Click Here for CloudLinux Limits documentation.
  • All plans include the features shown in the above section titled, Big Features, Small Price.
  • DDOS Protection is for the clearnet website over IPv4 only.
  • Dedicated IPv4 address available at $2.50/mo or $25/yr if using an annual plan.
  • Dedicated IPv6 address(es) provided at no charge. Contact support.
  • Need more resources? Check out our Virtual Servers or contact sales for a quote on a custom solution.
  • Tor and I2P network website mirroring is available. It does not work well with all sites and this is a beta feature. [Learn More]

CloudLinux Shared Hosting FAQ

What is CloudLinux OS?

CloudLinux OS allows us to increase our service stability, performance and security by isolating each customer on the server by reserving resources for them that can not be consumed by anyone else. This creates an experience similar to Virtual Server hosting (VPS) where you have access to more resources to power your website(s), but in a shared hosting environment.

What PHP, Python or Node.JS versions are available?

Because we utilize CloudLinuxOS, we're able to offer you the ability to select the software versions that you need.

  • PHP: 7.4, 7.3, 7.2, 7.1, 7.0, 5.6, 5.5
  • Python: 3.8, 3.7.10, 3.6.11, 3.5.9, 3.4.9, 3.3.7, 2.7.18
  • Node.js: 14, 12.22.1, 11.15.0, 10.24.1, 9.11.2, 8.17.0, 6.17.1

Can I host whatever I want?

Absolutely not. Please review our Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy if you feel your site(s) may be questionable.
We strictly prohibit the following: Pornography involving or depicting minors, illegal network activity or network activity that strains network resources as defined in our Acceptable Usage Police, illegal online marketplaces, and spam. We actively monitor our network for malicious traffic and spam and although our policies may be considered laxer than what you may find elsewhere, we must still enforce common industry standards in order to protect the integrity of our services and network for all of our customers. We offer privacy and performance, and we can not offer performance if we allow our pro-privacy policies to be abused by those with malicious intent.

How does the I2P and Tor hosting work?

Our CloudLinux Shared Hosting plans allow you to have one website per account be accessible natively through the Tor network (as a .onion domain name) or the I2P network (as a .b32.i2p and optional .i2p domain name). Please note that this service addon is offered as a 'beta' service, with no guarantees, and it is setup manually and not something that is enabled and ready to go by default. You may be required to modify preconfigured scripts to have your website resolve properly through multiple networks and may find that not all sites or scripts are suitable for this. This is mostly suitable for simple, flat file sites with no 3rd party elements. This is a simple way to get started with contributing content to these alternative networks. Contact support if you would like this enabled for you.

What sort of support is available?

We're a small business and try our absolute best to respond to all support tickets in a timely manner, day or night, usually within a couple of hours. We'll look into and troubleshoot basic issues related to your CloudLinux Shared Hosting service, however it is expected that you have some level of familiarity with webhosting in general. Have a question? Send us a message and see if our response time is suitable for you.

What is your refund policy?

Services paid for by traditional methods (PayPal, card) are applicable for a refund up to 48 hours after the order is processed. Orders paid for by crypto are non-refundable. There are no refunds available for accounts suspended within the first 48 hours due to service abuse as outlined in our Terms of Service. We believe 48 hours is ample time to determine if the service will be acceptable for your needs.

Have a question or concern?

Feel free to contact us, we're pretty laid back and easy to talk to. If you have a question about our hosting services or want to know more before placing an order, just drop us a line and we'll be happy to get back to you! We're available at all odd hours of the day and night so you'll likely get a response pretty quick.