Introducing: IncogVPN

A no-bullshit VPN service based on WireGuard

Look, we're a small business. We don't have a fancy VPN app or desktop software for you. We don't offer a gazillion features or locations either. What we do provide is a no-nonsense, no-logging, bullshit-blocking VPN. For each device you want to connect, we'll provide you with a Wireguard configuration file and QR code. You can then use the official Wireguard app or software to connect to your VPN. We believe that the maintainers of the Wireguard protocol are likely to maintain the safest methods of using it. Don't worry, we can assist you in connecting if you need help.

Let us block the "BS"

Say goodbye to ads and telemetry tracking while connected to the web through IncogVPN. We utilize an in-house, no-logging, anycast DNS system that blocks common annoyances like ads and protects your privacy by blocking known trackers.

Private WireGuard VPN
Advanced Features & Options

If you want to do more than just browse the internet privately, we offer several options to connect multiple devices over a private VLAN, set up port forwarding, or provide an unshared/dedicated IP address upon your request. We also support IPv6 by default!

Our VPN Locations

Our Wireguard VPN will be available soon in eight great locations.

We do not use the same datacenters as the big VPN companies or resell their services. While our network may be small, it's always our IPs and under our operation.

  • United States: Liberty Lake, Washington | Las Vegas, Nevada | Miami, Florida | Staten Island, New York | Kansas City, Missouri | Allentown, Pennsylvania
  • Europe: Naaldwijk, Netherlands | Bissen, Luxembourg
Personal VPN

Don't overestimate your needs. With this, you can still unlock geo-restricted content, stream HD media, and access the web just fine. It's perfect for normal use.

  • Max Devices Per Location: 1
  • Speeds up to 250Mbps
  • Unshared IP: Unavailable
  • Private vlan: Unavailable
  • Port Forwarding: Unavailable

Coming Soon
Professional VPN

With support for more devices and higher speeds, this choice is perfect for securing multiple devices. It's great for sharing with a friend or significant other.

  • Max Devices Per Location: 3
  • Speeds up to 500Mbps
  • Unshared IP: Unavailable
  • Private vlan: Unavailable
  • Port Forwarding: Unavailable

Coming Soon
Enterprise VPN

For those who want to connect multiple devices over a private internal VLAN, need a dedicated IP, or just need port forwarding enabled for faster speed.

  • Max Devices Per Location: 5+
  • Speeds up to 2.5Gbps
  • Unshared IP: Available
  • Private vlan: Available
  • Port Forwarding: Available

Coming Soon