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While the general cost of living and operating a business in most areas of the world is increasing in price, your access to quality, fast and private web hosting just got cheaper. Check out some of our great shared hosting, virtual server, dedicated server and domain name deals below.

Occasionally, we find ourselves with a mismatch in stock and service availability, want to promote particular services or service locations, or just downright feel like being generous. Whatever the case, we do post some great deals and promotions from time to time, which can be found on this page.

Shared Web Hosting Coupons and Promotions

Save some big bucks when you order 6 months or a year of service up front!

Current Shared Web Hosting Coupons:

  • 50% off the cost of 1 years of service. Use coupon: 50CL1YR
  • 35% off the cost of 6 months of service. Use coupon: 35CL6MO
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VPS Web Hosting Coupons and Promotions

High quality, AMD Ryzen powered KVM Virtual Servers at a steep discount!

Once these plans sell out they will NOT be re-offered. Order while still available!

  • 2GB RAM / 15GB DISK / 10TB BW / 1vCPU -- $40/YR -- Order Now
  • 4GB RAM / 30GB DISK / 10TB BW / 1vCPU -- $60/YR -- Order Now
  • 6GB RAM / 45GB DISK / 10TB BW / 1vCPU -- $80/YR -- Order Now

Dedicated Server Deals

Please contact us for custom solutions! It's impossible to list all available possible options and configurations. We can also help you save BIG on large orders or multiple deployments of the same server.

All servers come with 1 IPv4 Address, a /64 block of IPv6, 40Gbps of DDoS protection and hosted in the Netherlands.

  • Xeon E3-1240v5 | 32GB RAM | 1x 250GB SSD & 1x 2TB HDD | 50TB @ 1Gbps BW -- $40/mo -- Order Now
  • Xeon E-2336 | 32GB RAM | 2x 480GB Ent. SSD & SW RAID-1 | 1Gbps Unmetered Bandwidth -- $115/mo -- Order Now
  • Epyc 7402P | 64GB RAM | 2x 960GB SSD & HW RAID-1 | 100TB @ 1Gbps BW -- $130/mo -- Order Now

  • Most dedicated servers are setup and delivered in 8-16 hours or less!

Domain Name Coupons and Promotions

Choose from hundreds of popular domain name extensions and order with no personal info required! We use our own business information in place of your own, adding an additional level of privacy that you don't get with WhoIS protection alone.

Buy An Anonymous Domain Name:

Save $1 on every domain order with the coupon: DOMAINSAVER

We now offer hundreds of different domain names that you can register, or you may wish to migrate your existing domain names.
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