Tor and I2P Hosting.

Help support your favorite anonymity networks by publishing normal, everyday content to them.

All of our CloudLinux Webhosting users have the ability to publish their normal clearnet website direct to the I2P and Tor anonymity networks. This is a free, opt-in, beta feature that allows you to show your support for these networks by publishing new content to them. This feature will make your website available direct from the Tor Network with a V3 Onion URL as well as from the I2P network with a .b32.i2p address.

Anonymous/Private VPS hosting

FAQ and Considerations

While we do offer this feature as a free opt-in, there are some special considerations that you may wish to consider.

First, this is very much a beta feature. It works, but it requires us to manually enable/setup. Second, not all websites and scripts (like Wordpress) are going to work right out of the box. See the FAQ for details. Third, for additional privacy use a KVM VPS to host your website(s). Lastly, the normal Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy remain in effect .

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What is Tor? What is I2P?

Tor and I2P are two separate anonymity networks that use advance network routing and encryption to protect the privacy of content publishers as well as content consumers. They both share some similarities however are greatly unique. If you are unfamiliar with either, we recommend you reviewing their official websites below.

Why are you doing this?

We want to normalize online privacy and we believe that anonymity networks such as Tor and I2P need additional regular content that appeals to a more mainstream audience. By offering this feature, we hope to encourage regular internet users who may have never considered publishing their sites to these networks to consider it, while also hopefully encouraging them to get more involved in online privacy. Existing network users will also have an increased interest in returning to look for new and updated content to access.

How does this work?

As a customer, nothing about how you manage your website or hosting account changes. You can still continue to use the built in file manager or connect via FTP to manage your files. This opt-in feature only allows the contents of your public_html directory of your chosen domain to be accessible natively through the I2P and Tor Network.

We assign each account a dedicated IPv6 address which we then in turn use to build the I2P Network HTTP tunnel from our own high-performance I2P+ Router to your hosting account. This is what allows your website to load natively through the I2P network. For Tor, we run the Tor service locally on the shared hosting server and manually generate the required configuration updates to allow your website to be available as a Tor Hidden Service (.onion).

What will my URL or domain be?

The URL for your regular website will remain unchanged. You and your visitors can continue to access your, “” domain name.

Additionally, we will generate you a V3 Onion address. It will look like this:

For a one-time fee, we can generate a vanity v3 onion URL that will look like this:

Note the, “incoghost” at the beginning. Generating vanity Tor Nework URLs is a very time consuming process that requires a massive amount of CPU power for anything that needs more than five or six characters in the name. The above URL took us about 30 hours and 32 CPU cores to generate.

For I2P, you will receive a randomly generated “B32 address” that will look like this:
We can also register a "yoursite.i2p" domain for you as well, like our own, “webhosting.i2p” but be aware this has some limitations as it will accessible only by those who have it in their addressbook already, either by adding it manually or because they utilize an addressbook subscription list that is published by the I2P service where the domain has been registered.

Will you support other networks?

Yeah, probably. Right now we’re just going to focus on Tor and I2P as they have the largest networks but we’d also love to bring this feature to smaller networks like Yggdrasil.

My website doesn't load properly, help!

If your website appears normal on the clearnet (regular internet) but appears ‘funny’ or like it’s ‘missing’ features on Tor or I2P, there is an easy explanation for it: Your website isn’t optimized for accessibility from these networks. Chances are that visual elements like images and stylesheets are loading improperly or are trying to load over the clearnet and failing. Instead of calling elements in your code with a URL, call them using a path.

For example, instead of using

link rel="stylesheet" href=""
consider using instead
link rel="stylesheet" href="style.css"
By doing so you are allowing the stylesheet to be served from any network source requesting it. And some pre-made scripts and software like Wordpress may be too much of a pain for a casual user to get functioning properly on these networks. The best sites are relatively basic, with no 3rd party elements like Google fonts or analytic trackers or ads. Many users on these networks browse the web without javascript enabled as well, so it’s always good to test how your site looks with it disabled.

Can I opt-out?

Of course! Just open a support ticket and we can disable both or a single network from accessing your website at any time.