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Bring your own domain to send and receive email today

IncogNET is known for providing privacy minded solutions that cater to internet hobbyist, privacy and free speech advocates, businesses, web developers, and more. It shouldn’t come as a big surprise that we’re wanting to provide a more private email solution to cater to these same groups. Currently in active development, MyPrivateInbox, a ‘bring your own domain’ private email solution.

Planned or current features: Webmail accessible over multiple privacy networks, full disk encryption of mail server, at-rest encryption for actual emails, built in PGP Encryption tools, E-Mail scheduler (Write it now, send it later, automatically) and SMTP, IMAP, and POP support for added flexilibilty.


Quick FAQ

Do I have to use my own domain?

Yes. This service is for people who want to send and receive email from a domain that they already own, as part of their business, organization, or personal use. Don't have a domain name already? We got you. Many online services block registrations from free privacy email providers where the domain is shared by many people. By using your own, you eliminate that issue.

Is there encryption of any kind?

Aside from our mail servers having full disk encryption, we also utilize encryption at rest for actual emails. Additionally, users may choose to encrypt their communications further by using the built-in Enigma PGP encryption tool available over webmail. There, you may create, import and manage keys, sign, encrypt and decrypt from webmail.

Where are the servers?

Our mail servers are physically located in the Netherlands and feature multi-disk RAID arrays with full disk encryption. We already have a presence in the Netherlands and will be using physical, dedicated hardware for MyPrivateInbox. The Netherlands has the privacy laws and network infrastructure required to run a project such as this where reliability and privacy are priorities.

What are some of the features?

The service itself will offer SMTP/IMAP/POP support as well as a webmail client that will be available over Tor and the I2P network as well as the regular internet. There is encryption at rest for your actual emails as well as general full disk encryption on the servers, webmail PGP options, spam filtering, Mail Scheduling, DDoS protection for mail servers, and more!

Can I use this for sending bulk mail?

The easy answer is: It depends. You're free to use this service to send normal transactional emails (such as notification from a website), so long as users can opt out, but sending unsolicited and blatant spam will not be tolerated at all. There are also hard limits on how much mail can be sent per hour and we'll manually screen and deny orders from obvious phishing domains.

What will the cost be?

While plans and pricing are not yet set in stone, we believe we can offer this at a rate less than similar services while adding the value of increased privacy to the mix. Because of processing fees, we'll unlikely accept month to month payment terms, but do plan on having 3, 6, and 12 month payment cycles available for those who do not wish to commit to a full year.

Currently Under Active Development

Our email service is currently under active development, please check back at a later date.