Netherlands Off Shore KVM VPS Hosting

Powerful KVM VPS in Netherlands for privacy.

Our off shore Netherlands based servers feature the latest AMD Ryzen based CPUs and NVMe storage arrays for blazing fast performance that is ready to power even the largest projects. Register today with no personal details required and pay with crypto to protect your privacy!

Netherlands Off Shore KVM VPS hosting

Powerful AMD Ryzen VPS in the United States and Netherlands

Our Netherlands based KVM Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are a great choice for those seeking a hosting provider for their free speech needs as well as for data privacy. Order today and enjoy the performance of our AMD Ryzen powered servers, hefty bandwidth allocations and fast NVMe storage.

NL = Ryzen
USA = Epyc
Raid Protected
NVMe Storage
NL = 1Gbps
USA = 5Gbps
Save big on
annual payments.
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1 vCPU 0.5GB 20GB 10TB/mo $50 per year
1 vCPU 1GB 25GB 10TB/mo $9 per month
1 vCPU 2GB 30GB 10TB/mo $13 per month
2 vCPU 4GB 40GB 20TB/mo $20 per month
2 vCPU 6GB 55GB 20TB/mo $26 per month
2 vCPU 8GB 70GB 20TB/mo $32 per month
3 vCPU 12GB 100GB 30TB/mo $42 per month
3 vCPU 16GB 150GB 30TB/mo $52 per month
3 vCPU 20GB 200GB 30TB/mo $62 per month

Additional Options and Details

  • DDOS Protection offered by default is considered 'basic'. For high risk targets, please contact us for additional solutions.
  • Additional dedicated IPv4 address(es) and IPv6 subnets available. View details and pricing here.
  • The included VPS snapshots are limited to 5 per VPS and are generated manually by you. Learn More.
  • This is an unmanaged service. You should have some experience with Linux and Virtual Servers before ordering!
  • We do allow Tor Relays, Bridges, Guards and Exits. Read more about our Tor Exit Requirements here.
  • We do allow I2P Network Routers. Read more about our I2P Network policy here.
  • Need something bigger? Looking for 100% guaranteed resources? Check out our Netherlands Dedicated Servers today!