Our YouTube proxy is live. Here’s why you should consider using it.

We love privacy. So much in fact, we’re building a business around it. But did you know that we also sponsor and promote the use of many free and publicly available projects that help protect your online privacy?

It’s no secret that Google, and therefore YouTube, is privacy nightmare. But in this modern age of internet, can you even watch YouTube videos privately, and without feeding information to Google? Can you watch a YouTube video without being fed irrelevant advertisements? Can you access YouTube’s content from anonymity networks such as Tor and I2P? You absolutely can!

We operate a public Invidious Instance in our Luxembourg location. Invidious is an opensource and actively developed and updated privacy front-end for YouTube.

You can view our Invidious install using the following URLs:

The main benefits of using our Invidious instance is that, by default, all videos are proxied through our network so that your requests for YouTube content is made to us, we make the request to YouTube, YouTube feeds it to us and we pass it on to you. Nowhere in this process do you and YouTube ever make a direct connection. (Useful for accessing YouTube on networks where it’s blocked).

Additionally, you can register for a free account with no personal information required. With registration, you may then build playlists and subscribe to the channels that you know and love.

The fact is, there are many great “YouTube alternatives”, but what they all lack is the only thing that keeps YouTube relevant today: Content.

(More on this in a future posting)

Here are the main benefits to using our YouTube proxy:

  • Powered by an open source, actively developed project.
  • Proxies all requests to YouTube through our network by default.
  • No ads! No ads embedded on the site, and no ads in the videos.
  • Great site to use on mobile. You can switch apps, browsers, watch picture in picture or listen to audio with the screen turned off. You can not do that with the official YouTube app.
  • No logging, no tracking. Google/YouTube can’t track you, and neither can we. We can’t determine what you are searching for, and quite frankly, don’t care what you’re watching. We can’t see your playlists or subscriptions.
  • Quickly / easily download YouTube videos straight from your browser. Watch later, offline.

It seems to be getting some use.

Below is a network graph from the last two weeks of our Invidious instance being online. We’ve got bandwidth to spare, and hope to see that the service gains more traction and use by others. I personally use it as a full replacement to YouTube, where any link or request on my local machine gets automatically redirected to https://tube.incognet.io/ (Ex: If I click on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ , then it automatically sends me to https://tube.incognet.io/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ )

Last two weeks of traffic use. We’ve got bandwidth to spare
(Ignore the blip. A configuration error on our end left the software inaccessible for that period)

At the current rate, we should see about 10-15TB of bandwidth used for the month of April. This is for videos that visitors have requested without feeding the beast that is Google.

We have a lot of public privacy projects online or in the works, and we’ll be doing write ups on them in the future. What sort of pro-privacy public projects (say that 5X fast) would you like to see us host and sponsor? Let us know!

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