Bullshit Blocking VPN

Block Ads, Trackers and Spyware. Not content.

Safely browse the web with our new VPN service that blocks most advertisements, analytic trackers, spyware, phishing sites, malware and other “BS”. Our preliminary testing has shown that 20-30% of normal DNS requests made have been blocked by our VPN without impacting your ability to access your favorite websites and mobile apps.

Ad blocking VPN

This Is How We Do It

No ads. No logs. No data caps. No Bullshit.

After months of testing we’re happy to announce that our VPN service is now live and ready for general, public use! Our à la carte style of ordering allows you to choose just one location, two locations, three or all five of our current locations at a very affordable rate.

You can browse your favorite websites and use your favorite apps without ads, analytic trackers, and other "BS" from being able to load over our network. We block all of this at the DNS level, from our own DNS cluster where the final requests are served over Tor and filtered with blocklists that we maintain. With no monthly data-caps, logging or trickery you can safely unlock geo-restricted content and not worry about overages or scary looking emails about your usage.

We don’t have a fancy mobile app or some eye-candy desktop software. We highly recommend that you utilize the official apps and software developed by OpenVPN as these will be the most safe and secure options as well as the ones that are regularly maintained and vetted.

You get an OpenVPN configuration file for each location that you subscribe to. If you subscribe to multiple locations, you may connect to them all at the same time on different devices or switch between them, it's up to you. While this is infact a barebones, minimal VPN service it is simple, it’s fast, and it’s affordable.

Support a small, privacy-focused business today by ordering a service that is on par or superior in quality to that of larger, more known brands, while also offering you unique features that help keep you safe and secure online.

* Each VPN location has it's DNS served over our anycast DNS network which bridges the Tor anonymity network where random Tor Nodes that are located in bordering countries to that of the VPN locations are used to securely and privately serve DNS requests.

** We are currently offering this service using the OpenVPN protocol with plans to implement public WireGuard support in the very near future.

  • No Data Caps, No Logging, No Tracking
  • DNS over Tor for additional privacy*
  • Blocks Known Advertisements
  • Blocks Known Web Trackers
  • Blocks Known Malware
  • Crypto Accepted and Preferred
  • No Personal Details Required
  • OpenVPN protocol (Wireguard Soon!)**

Our Available VPN Locations:
  • Naaldwijk, Netherlands
  • Helsinki, Finland
  • Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Roost, Luxembourg
  • Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
  • New York, New York, USA

"Any 1" Plan - Choose 1 location.
$20.00 / year

"Any 3" Plan - Choose 3 locations.
$4.00 / month

"Any 5" Plan - Choose 5 locations.
$6.00 / month

Have a question or concern?

If you have a question about our VPN services or want to know more before placing an order then feel free to reach out to us and drop a line and we'll be happy to get back to you! We're available at all odd hours of the day and night so you'll likely get a response within several hours.